Friday, 13 November 2009

First attempt at ink.....

I've always wanted to try it...Chantelle invested in some equiptment for her apprenticeship she's hunting for (and will be awesome at....check her blog and we got abit bored of the shitty practice skin you get.....i've gotta's great fun....we picked great spots that aint to noticeable on our inner ankles....i've gotten tattoos before but none hurt like this.....then after we finished we googled about the most painful places to tattoo.....the place we picked was at number five....research is best done before hand (mental note) hurt like a bitch!!!! i ended up with a lightening bolt....and im chuffed with it!! and Chantelle ended up with a bat.....she says shes happy......i think she's telling porky pies. Wonder what else we'll get when boredom strikes?!!