Wednesday, 16 December 2009


The BORN-FREE show date has been announced....June 12 2010 in Long Beach Ca...I missed the last show and its something I'm gonna regret till the grave...the next one is going to be bigger and better and is also set to be an orgasm of motor madness to eat your soul and open your mind...don't miss it!! So to top it all the guys that are organizing the best vintage bike event in the USA.....
Freedom Machinery Accessories { Grant,Harpoon & Ez} also Josh{ the bobber/solid god} Conley & Mike D... going to be building and giving away a 1950 Harley Davidson Pan Head chopper that some lucky person will be able to take home after the BORN-FREE show!! The bike will undoubtedly be awesome and the quality of build will be something you'd contemplate swapping a loved one for.....oh and not to forget being built using the best vintage parts and by the best hands in the is the basic set-up...1950 Pan head w/matched cases ,original wishbone frame & California Title....what more could you ask for?! I can't wait to see the bike in all its glory at the show....get yourself there!!

So there you go....something to look forward to...i cant wait to meet the people i look up to in the world of vintage bikes and the people who write, make and contribute to the blogs i's gona be on!!

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  1. Stevie thanks for the support!! see u there!!

  2. Hi Steve, been reading through your blog, looks like you are local to me (Malton) right ?..some good stuff on here..Pete