Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sell some bars make a friend

Went over to Pete stansfields place over in Malton yesterday to pick up a frame with Rob ( I've wanted to meet Pete after following his blog ( so when Pete bought some apes off me it was the perfect opportunity to meet him at last....was a cool day...he more than made me feel welcome on arrival and made us a cup of tea to warm us up! To top it all Petes place is like a cavern of the ultimate cool shit....i felt like i was in the goonies and i'd found one eyed willies treasure....I could've spent hours looking about and not got bored. Was refreshing to meet a genuine and skilled person working for his passion which he loves...and it shows....thanks Pete....roll on summer.


  1. Nice one Stevie, good to meet you, drop in anytime. Fuck i am bald !

  2. Super day man, cant wait for more like it.