Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Born Free 2

So as you probably know...theres a Born Free blog up.....


Just wanted to say if anyone wants to participate in the panhead raffle....you can get tickets over at Bornlosermc.blogspot.com and by going to the store section on the top right. The deal is you've got to be there to recieve the prize or have someone there at the time to collect on your behalf...if anyone from the U.K. wants to take part in the raffle, get some tickets ordered and write the numbers down or something and get them to me before June the first...if your numbers come up....you win a panhead....simple as that.....as far as getting the beasty home from Long Beach CA ...cross that bridge when we come to it.....a bridge....a cunning idea.

Details on the raffle and show can be found on the blogs above.....go get some tickets!!

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