Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Chantelles Welding skills!

I was working at a house local to me a year or so ago and spotted an old welder between 2 garages...asked the lady who lived there what was happening with it and she could'nt wait for me to take it away! "Ooh that awful blue thing...tek it tek it away" she said! So with some new wire and gas she's a runner.........Chantelles been testing it out!


  1. Hey! Nice snorkel mask Chantelle! I gotta flip down one spare if you want it... :0) Bike's lookin good fella. A.

  2. Aww man i wished i'd known! Went to Unifart to get something for Chantelle to wear over her peepers....they were bout a quid short of a tenner!! and they suck. Thanks bud!! Need to meet up soon! x

  3. Definitely. Going to be in the garage most of this weekend hitting up the kwacker. Jump by or I'll come see you! (not a threat!!) :0)