Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Getting there...kinda

Been hard to find time to work on my bike recently....the local weathers beautiful and I'm really beginning to appreciate my surroundings finally as i get slightly more mature....slightly....can't wait to get on with summer motorcycle antics! Shame little hurdles keep popping up to get in the way of bike finishing!

I hate my job.

Bike electrics are hard for a!


  1. You got the eleccies sorted mate? Can bob over for a look if you like. Mind you I'm a retard too so not promising owt ;)

  2. Hey bud! I aint got the elec-tricks sorted out yet no! Kinda given up on it for now....gona get back on it after a few other bits are might get a phone call though! Hope your good bud.

  3. i'm in for the leccy game too that man, beers the lads and leccy on the bike sounds like a winner to me

  4. Sounds like a get it nearer and we'll have a tinker....or sink a few beers and scratch our heads and have good intentions!


    x stevie

  5. right that wins with me steve.... PLAN!