Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Narrow Deathtrap London Transport?

Scored this race bike at a good price local..rode it home on flat tyres....made some straight bars out of and old alluminium crutch to replace the wierd cowhorn some levers off a mountain bike...couple of new tyres while we were in the states and shes a beast!

Theres been a rise in people riding fixies and it seems to be the 'in' thing...but they scare me.....need brakes! and the fact that you can't stop pedaling around corners is bad.....catch that pedal on a tight corner and your off.....they do look good over function.


  1. Bastard! Been looking for a cheap roader local! Good score fella.

  2. Ps. Them bars are just plain stupid!! This aint London guvnor... no need for the skinnies! Get some cow horns on there.... Hold on a minute just remembered my Kwacker.... :)

  3. Still got the cow horns of you want em bud..and the keep my eyes peeled for another racer! x