Thursday, 13 January 2011

Honda....going going.....?

It's time the Honda had a new home....if i was rich enough I'd have it propped up in the front room and I'd watch Americas next top model on it...but I'm not rich and there's too many stairs to get to our living room in it's gotta go....will be sold with a replacement tank....Harley sporty? I have other tanks aswell but the sporty ones got a cap and tap and is in great fettle...carbs want balancing...and tank fitting..has had full rewire...has a starter motor if you don't want to kick(needs hooking up)....not sure on a price....wants a good home.....ebay soon?.....any interest?

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  1. we should of played the lottery more, i'm really gunna miss this bike. GOOD HOMES ONLY x

  2. I was going to say you can't sell it with that cool tank Chantelle painted!! She's so talented. Rad bike as well ;o)