Friday, 4 June 2010

June gloom, bodys and beasty cars

Been over in Santa Monica and Venice beach for a few days.....seen a few sights so far.....Venice beach is where i landed on my first trip to America when i was abit younger...hippys, stoners, epic skateboarding, freakshows and just a place full of crazies i've never seen anywhere else....i feel at home and Chantelle were strolling down the boardwalk in search of refreshments the other morning when we saw a fresh corpse of a dude who jumped off the top of a building.....then we saw this nice Plymouth down a side street......did'nt feel right to take pictures of the these will have to do.....all in a mornng..i love America.


  1. Have fun, and bring the Panhead home !

  2. Il try bring that panhead home Pete! Seems il also be bringing back a burnt forehead.....ouch! x