Saturday, 3 July 2010

Born Free 2

The Born Free 2 show has been something I've been looking forward to for months and months, We'd planned our trip around the Born Free show and the Ink and Iron show as they land on the same weekend......i wasn't disappointed! We were staying about a 5 minute drive from the show itself which was held on the street where Pacific Coast Cycles is based......i didn't have a car so my skateboard came in handy for the journey....was a fun skate too watching all the bikes go by...people are always shocked in America if you choose a form of transport that isn't powered by an engine! So i was lucky enough to be able to put my board under Guys stall at the show and check out some bikes.....I'm not sure how many were there....but thousands! some for every taste...polished chrome to dirty originals. There was beer flowing and free food to be had...lots of stalls selling all the gear you'd ever want. I bought 4 tickets in hope to take away the Born Free panhead.....i failed at that...but it was a spectacle to see the mass of people waiting for it to be announced...there was also awards given out and runner up prizes.

All in all I've never been to a show where theres so much going on that I'm into....all the people were more than approachable even if they don't look it! I met some great people that I'd never thought i would...seen so much stuff i got exhausted and now my heads just full of ideas!

I mustve taken 700+ pictures at Born Free and some i was really proud of....Guy at Greasy Kulture wanted to check them to possibly use some....and i was super stoked about the thought of that.....then on the second to last night i was out shooting in Hollywood crouched down on my knee pointing up at some of the Hollywood neon light action they have over there and some piece of shit comes up while I'm taking pictures and clocks me in my ear leaving me sparko! he takes my camera smashes it....using the long strap like some kind of medieval mace to annihilate it....i literally couldn't get up...he took off just dragging my camera by the strap....was hills have eyes style fucked up. I went back to the hotel and told plenty of sympathy and slept on it. I was absolutely gutted....i went to call Matt from Dice cause i was going to meet up with them and as i was calling him i could hear him vaguely...then i realised it was out my other ear and the ear i was putting the phone to wasn't took a few days to get my hearing back...that was worrying.

The Born Free show was the best thing ever with a cherry on top...hope i can get out next year with a new camera.....and some nun chucks.

Fuck Hollyweird. Meth addicts are scary.


  1. sounds like fun dude, apart from the crazy shit ganning down bro

  2. Sorry to hear about the camera mate... that's fucked. But then, as you say, so is Hollywood.

  3. Thats a real bummer about the camera Stevie (and the ear) still it is a good excuse to go again !

  4. Cheers guys...cant wait for the next show! x